Color Accuracy

The Business Of Color

At Nail Supply Inc, color is our business. Representing shades correctly is high priority to us, but you have to remember not all screens are created equal. We use color matched images directly from our manufacturers which are taken in a way to produce accurate color representations. If we ever do get feedback about a particular shade being off, we'll grab the product and compare it to the image on our Adobe RGB certified monitors to make any tweaks or adjustments. 


What we cannot control:

Many phone manufacturers are now using OLED screens, and even some laptops. These displays are AWESOME, however the manufacturers generally have settings enabled to oversaturate the images on the screen in order to make them "pop", and when compared to other phones with LCD displays the images seem much brighter and vibrant. This is good for a movie as you get more details in the darks and the brights, but this is not good for the meticulously crafted images we use to show accurate color. Most phones have settings to disable this display filtering, but generally buried deep within the system menus.


What we recommend:

All of our listings for polishes include color descriptions with color family and finish. We highly recommend double checking the description before you buy! It is impossible to show sheerness or neon in a color swatch on a screen, so reading the description can bring your attention to these qualities. And of course if you want to triple check a color before you buy, give us a call! We are always happy to help. 


What we're trying to say:

Please know we have only the best intentions in mind with all of our imagery. It is a struggle to sell color, if that color looks ever so slightly different on the couple of displays you see it on.  Should this deter you from using us? Absolutely not. We're customer first here at Nail Supply Inc, and we're here to make sure you get exactly the colors you want. We don't limit you to the 20 or so colors you can grab at your local supply store, we have thousands.  And remember, we're local too, to the community we support and are a part of. We're a small team with a big dream, and we hope to help you achieve yours.