BCL Spa restock + new scents!

BCL Spa restock + new scents!

Jan 31st 2024

Lemon + Lily 4-Step

Our certified organic ingredients promote healthy living according to an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle. Our products uphold a higher standard of beauty with formulas free of harsh chemicals or harsh preservatives. Our exhilarating system combines Argan Oil from Morocco with nature’s purest, most highly bio-active ingredients in a revolutionary approach to skincare. Anti-aging and purifying, this simple, complete system deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates skin as it gently reverses the negative effects of sun damage and the aging process.

Available in single use, 16 oz, and 64 oz sizes!

Critical Repair Cream was originally created for stylists struggling with dry hands after a long day of washing. With a uniquely non-greasy formula that absorbs in minutes, Critical Repair Cream gives stylists the ability to use scissors and clippers without slip. More than just a hand cream, it’s also great for feet, elbows, knees – almost anywhere that is dry, cracked, ashy or calloused. Today, Critical Repair Cream is a favorite for many beauty professionals and their clients alike.

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