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Be.Care.Love. Spa

Be.Care.Love. Spa

Apr 28th 2021

The philosophy

At Bio Creative Labs, our mission is to create beauty products that support

our defining precept of “Be, Care, Love.” To us, “Be, Care, Love” is a lifestyle,

a mantra, and a state of being. We define it in these ways:

BE – Be in the Moment. Be present. Be engaged. Be aware.

CARE – Care for yourself and others. When you take care of you, you can

give more to those you love and the environment around you.

LOVE – Experience love daily, in the fullest sense of the word and all that it


To support our “Be, Care, Love” philosophy, we use only the finest ingredients

as we formulate our products. We choose them carefully for their benefits

and effects on the mind, body, and soul. We are mindful of our impact on

the world through our work and our products.

Why BCL?

At BCL, we believe that people deserve to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. We believe that

wellness is achieved through self-care, which is an integral part of spa skin care. We make the

highest quality spa products possible using Certified Organic Ingredients that promote unique

spa experiences and powerful skin results.

Founded in 2011, BCL Spa was the first brand to offer a complete manicure and pedicure

system with Certified Organic ingredients. Today, BCL Spa continues to lead the spa category

with over 120 products and multiple product awards. We are the maker of the #1 selling sugar

scrub in the industry, and we are the first in the industry to introduce a wax-free gel lotion and

innovative rice scrub.

Located in sunny Southern California, BCL products are proudly made in the USA. We make our

formulas free from sulfates, parabens, GMOs, phthalates, and harsh preservatives. Committed

to using only the best ingredients, we hand select fruit and botanicals that are sustainably

sourced and Certified Organic.

The BCL 4-step treatment

Step 1 | dead sea salt soak

Unwind with the finest spa quality salt on the planet that naturally

detoxifies, softens and prepares the skin for treatment.

Step 2 | scrub
Gently exfoliate with natural sugar suspended precious blend of Argan

and Jojoba Oil to leave skin moisturized, glowing and silky smooth.

Step 3 | moisture mask

Soothe, rehydrate and draw out impurities with Bentonite Clay,

healthy Cucumber, Shea Butter and Sea Kelp.

Step 4 | massage cream

This lightweight cream use natural oils for superior slip and glide while

smoothing, moisturizing and nourishing for radiant skin.


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